Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Unforgettable Memory...

There are just memories that so precious to me and one of it was when I know a new best friend. It was on the on the night of 26 July, that night was a night that we know each other, it was a windy night at Hijjaz restaurant, the breeze that flow that day make the food taste even better, I and my friend Muaz and Zaid was having a dinner, while we, were chatting, I saw a cute tall girl sitting in front of us, when I saw her I got a feelings that tell me she is a nice girl, my friend Muaz notice me looking at her, Muaz asked me “hey bro, why do you keep staring at that girl, do you like her? Hahaha”, “no la, is it wrong to look at people huh?”, “well you know, if a boy stare at a girl it must mean something right? Hahaha”, “haha, if I like her, I go and talk to her right now la”, ,“owh, then why don’t you go and tell her what you feel?”, “haha, can you guarantee that she event want to know me hmm?”, “how do you know if you had not tried it yet? Come on, be a gentleman for while okay”, “hehehe, well, let’s just forget about it okay”, “hmm, okay, I got an idea, if I go there and asked for her number, what will give me?”, “hahaha, you wouldn’t dare”, “okay, you want it right, then I give it,hehhehheh”, “hey hey, wait”, without asking any question Muaz walk straight ahead and do what he tell me, even though he is stuttering but he really do  it, ah I can’t believe it, he really have lost his mind, Zaid beside just smiling, I felt so embarrassed for what Muaz did, after a while Muaz came to me and tell me that he gave my phone number to her, unbelievable, ican’t believe what just happen, it happen in a split second, I told Muaz that what he did was embarrassing, Muaz  just tell to relax, relax? How can I relax at the time like this, Muaz you really did what you said. After the embarrassing dinner, haha, I lay down to bed and kept thinking about the incident, well, maybe everything that happened that night, there is hikmah, only Allah know. Suddenly, my hand phone was vibrating, there is a new massage in it from an unknown number, and I reply it, it was the girl back from Hijjaz. After we know each other, we become best friend and until now she is still one of my best friend ever and she is the nicest girl I ever known, knowing her is an unforgettable memory in my life….

Thursday, December 2, 2010


It is common today that people compete to gain power, career, and be superior than the others. This can be seen with language in the part of regaining all those desired. Talk about language, we often thought about speaking and writing. It is argued that speaking is better than writing. This will be proven by analyzing the speaker and the writer itself.

Firstly, speaking is easier than writing. For example, when we speak, we usually go straight to the point on explaining our points. On the other hands, when we write, we usually have to concentrate on the spelling and grammar mistake in order to make the reader understand what we explain to them. This example clearly shows that speaking is easier than writing. It is obvious that people are more comfortable speaking than writing when in a progress of learning.

Secondly, speaking is much more convenience than writing. For instant,speaking is often spontaneous and unplanned whereas writing is something that we must plan first before it is given to the readers especially the examiners. It is obvious when looking this example that writing request a lot of thinking compared to speaking. So, it is obvious that speak give more convenience when improving languages.

After analyzing the area of the speaker and writer,speaking is better than writing in improving languages. As has been proven, speaking gives more advantages and convenience in improving languages. So,when we want to improve our languages, speaking is the best method.

Muhammad Zaid Aiqbal Bin Zaaba
Arif Mukhlis Bin Nasrul Zaki